Churches & Chapels

St. Barnabas Anglican Church, set in a lovely courtyard near the old town where Anglican services take place from Monday - Friday.

St. Catherine Catholic Church which has its own courtyard at the back of the church is located opposite Limassol's boulevard and sculpture park.
Catholic Service from Monday - Friday
Please note: a civil marriage certificate or civil wedding prior to the religious ceremony is required.

St Barnabas Anglican Church Limassol Lemesos Columbia Resort Pissouri Chapel Le Meridien Chapel Limassol Lemesos

Various hotels along the seaside have a chapel within their grounds. A religious ceremony can be arranged. Civil ceremonies can be officiated in front of the chapel.

A selection of Hotel Chapels in the Limassol District:

  • Elias Beach
  • Four Seasons
  • St. Raphael
  • Le Meridien
  • Columbia Beach Resort, Pissouri